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For a while now Raleigh bikes have been a market-leader when it comes to bikes. We are famous for selling iconic children's bikes, some of which include the Burner, Chopper, and Grifter. We also sell cutting-edge bikes for different kinds of uses some of which include our Militis carbon race machine or our TI-Raleigh Tour de France winning 853 steel frame. Raleigh bikes are more than a bike brand because we sell only great bikes with innovative features that come with accessory brands, including our Diamondback and RSP.

Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men
Activ by Raleigh Flyte II Men's Rigid Mountain Bike
Raleigh Activ Varsity Ladies Hybrid Bike
Raleigh Activ Varsity Ladies Hybrid Bike
Raleigh Women
Raleigh Women's Activ Flyte II Rigid Mountain Bike
Activ by Raleigh Spectre Men
Activ by Raleigh Spectre Men's Mountain Bike
Raleigh M-Trax Men
Raleigh M-Trax Men's Caldera Mountain Bike


We sell bikes that are designed in a way that makes them comfortable for you to commute, race them or just for a joy ride. Buying bikes mean more than just saving cash or a status symbol to get people's attention or owning the latest trends, it is about getting the best quality that can serve you for years. Raleigh sees bikes as an extension of itself. We consider our customer's safety when keeping bikes in our carts.

From inception to date, the kind of bikes Raleigh sells have always been designed for all classes of people. Considering the fact that a Raleigh bike you'll find in Holland will not be the same as the one you will find in South Africa; this is because the climate for both regions is different. The same applies to the geography, the economy, and the culture. In fact, Raleigh believes that its strength is embracing the differences in cultures around the world which is one of the reasons why it is a common name when it comes to bicycles.


Raleigh bikes sells bikes of different types, designs and sizes. They currently include models for fitness, mountain biking, road riding, leisure riding, models for children, models for older kids, models for commuting and playing, and models for professional racers.

Right from the beginning the bikes that we have marketed are of high quality and come with innovative features, which has made it became more evident that getting a Raleigh bike has to be seen as real value for money. The term value for money here has never meant cheap or too expensive, rather it means what it says, our bikes are made in a way that you can get the most from what your budget is. That is, you get what you pay for. And whatever your budget is you will still be getting the best.

A Raleigh bike has often been named as the best by many pundits when it comes to getting value for your money as it rides comfortably, is durable, and the likelihood of accidents occurring is significantly reduced (considering how safe they are made).

Raleigh bikes are also careful of how each of its bikes is sold to the public. As our aim is to ensure our customer's safety. We sell bikes that are sturdy and can withstand any terrain. A Raleigh bike should be checked and/or tested before a rider can take it from the shop. We also ensure that there are adequate maintenance and servicing equipment available to help our customers as all bicycles will require regular servicing.

Product of the Month
Barracuda Men
Barracuda Men's Vantos Road Bike

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