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Amazon sells two types of Townsend bikes. The first is a Duo Kids' Bike. It features a reversible frame and 10-inch wheels. The second bike is a starter bicycle designed for children. It has an elongated frame that looks like a customized street bike, but with a childish design. Here's more details about these two Townsend bikes on Amazon.

Townsend Girl
Townsend Girl's Diva Bike
Townsend Duo Boys
Townsend Duo Boys' Balance Bike
Townsend Boy
Townsend Boy's Spyda Bike
Townsend Girl
Townsend Girl's Lola the Ladybird Bike
Townsend Boy
Townsend Boy's Wrecker BMX Bike

Duo Bikes

The Townsend Duo Bike is a boys bike that is designed for children ages 2 and up. It has minimal assembly so it's ready to use after putting together a few parts. This is perfect for those that don't have any experience assembling bikes. Just open the box and start riding it after it is assembled. It will only take a few minutes.

The first think you will notice is the reversible frame which creates two different types of bikes of different sizes. As the child grows, so does the bike. The adjustable frame increases the height and reach of the bike. Not only will it provide a few more years of bike riding enjoyment, it will also save money. Parents won't have to buy another one when the child out-grows it.


The frame is made of steel and the bike utilizes one gear. The total weight when it is fully assembled is 5 kg. The wheel is 10 inches and the inside leg is 13-18 inches. The tires are puncture-proof so they can survive nails and other sharp objects while riding. The handlebars are ergonomically designed, comfortable, and provide a reassuring hold.

This bike costs $300 and the shipping is free. It is shipped and sold by J-JOANS.

The second bike is abbreviated as the 'Boys Townsend Duo Training Starter Bicycle.' It costs $288.94, and the shipping costs $3.00. It is shipped and sold by Faith-Hope-Love. There are currently only a few remaining, so order today before it is sold out.

This bike features puncture-proof tires, just like the Townsend Duo bike. There's also a reversible frame that can be flipped to enlarge the bike, just like the Townsend Duo bike. In fact, these two bikes are a lot alike. Some of the other features included in this version include padded saddle with full color print and ergonomic grips. The recommended age for this bike is one year more than the Townsend Duo bike. Kids have to be at least 3 years old to ride this bike.

Amazon has a huge selection of bikes and related accessories. Use the search feature to find everything you want. There are mountain bikes, racing bikes, and kids bikes. There's also helmets, water bottles, and backpacks designed just for bike riding. Order it online and wait in the comfort of your home for it to arrive by freight.

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