Viking Bikes

Viking bikes are a great mode of transportation when you are looking to conquer the outdoors. There are a lot of exciting and creative designs for you to choose from. There are Viking bikes for males and females. Viking bikes are a lot less common than regular bikes, which give you the advantage in terms of style and sophistication. Our Viking bikes from are also very affordable, ensuring that you do not have to break the bank to ride in style. Let’s take a look at some of the best Viking bikes that money can buy.

Viking Elite road race Bike
Viking Elite road race Bike
Viking Women
Viking Women's Prelude Traditional Bike
Viking Portobello Gents Sports Bike
Viking Portobello Gents Sports Bike
Viking Tre-Valli Gents Touring Road Bike
Viking Tre-Valli Gents Touring Road Bike
Viking fitness road speed bike
Viking fitness road speed bike

The best Viking bikes that money can buy

  • The Silver Viking Easy Street bike: This particular bike is one that is sure to fill you with anticipation before your first ride. Its smooth metal body and intricate design will fill you with awe. Don’t let its appearance fool you; the Easy Street Folding Bike has a very smooth ride. It is impeccable on rough terrain as well as smooth terrain, and gives you all the features of a regular bike, with the unique style of a Viking bike. It is also very affordable. With the extra long stem, for the Harley Davidson-like effect, you are bound to fall in love with this bike the moment you see it.
  • The Valkyrie Mountain bike for ladies: Are you looking for a Viking mountain bike for ladies that is just as pretty as it is rugged? Then this is the perfect bike for you. This white Valkyrie mountain bike is built for rugged terrain, and comes with multiple gears to help you navigate roads that are hard to ply with regular bikes.
  • The Vitesse Heritage Women’s bike: This is another very stylish Viking bike that comes in several sizes and colors. With the ‘old-school’ extra large tires, the Vitesse Heritage is a beauty. It also comes with a basket and a bell, giving you the feel of an old bike. This is one bike that you will be riding to a lot of places, and why not? The Vitesse Heritage Viking women’s bike is very strong and durable, and can navigate even the trickiest terrains.
  • The Portobello Sports Urban Hybrid for Gents: This Viking bike is a mix between regular urban sporting bikes and a Viking bike. It is the perfect bike if you are a guy looking for maximum action outdoors. This bike can be used in the woods, on rocky surfaces and even on roads. It comes with multiple gears, which gives you the modern day sophistication combined with the intrinsic and delicate design of a Viking bike. It is also very affordable.
  • • The Viking Dimension Hybrid Bike with 21 speed: If you love the rush of wind in your hair, this is a great bike for you. This Viking Bike is for riders who want a little more speed in their ride. It comes with a 21-speed system, giving you the ability to alternate as you please.


Viking bikes are stylish and sophisticated. They manage to mix the old feeling of riding a bike, with modern day bike technology. Our range of Viking bikes from are durable and affordable. Order one today!

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