Toy Bikes For Girls

A new toy bike is a gift that is sure to thrill the heart of a young little girl. No matter the occasion, birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or some other special day, nothing expresses love like a new toy bike.

Banana Bike LT Balance Bike
Banana Bike LT Balance Bike
Kiddo Pink 3 Wheeler Children Tricycle
Kiddo Pink 3 Wheeler Children Tricycle
Flite Panic BMX Bike
Flite Panic BMX Bike
Kiddo 4-in-1 Childrens Tricycle
Kiddo 4-in-1 Childrens Tricycle

Things to look for in when buying a new toy bike:

Wheel size – for young little girls look for a wheel rim diameter of about 12 inches.

Engineer Design – Bikes for females lack a horizontal bar connecting the steering wheel handle and the seat support column.

The Paint Job. Children love vibrant bright shiny colors. Look for images of characters the child knows and identifies with.

Coaster brakes essential for safety. Young children lack the coordination necessary to effectively operate a system of hand-levers and cable brakes. While children are still learning how to ride bikes it is important for them to be able to stop the bike quickly, effectively, and safely. So coaster breaks, operated through the pedals are far superior for little girls than hand breaks.

Training wheels are an indispensable accessory if you are purchasing a bike for a little girl who has not learned how to ride yet. They are easily attached to the rear wheel and provide support and balance for beginning riders. Little girls quickly gain confidence when they realize that they are not going to fall, and with confidence balance and mastery come soon after. When the little girl has gained balance and mastery the wheels can be easily removed.

Include a handlebar saddle bag – It should be decorated in a pattern that is coordinated with the theme of the bicycle. Handlebar saddlebags increase the child's pride in ownership and they enhance the practicality of the bike by allowing the young girl to carry items like snacks safely and conveniently.

The handlebars need to be embellished with foot long plastic streamers that are color coordinated with the general theme of the bicycle body and and handlebar saddle bag.

The bell young little girls love the magic sounds made by the bicycle bell attached to the handlebars. They are fun and help to teach the riding/driving rules of the road. Normally the are crafted of shiny chrome.

Plastic hand-grips are necessary the allow the child to safely steer the handlebars.

Peddles should be made of a plastic that will not allow the child's feet to slip easily. If possible try to find foot peddles that include foot-clamps.

Accessories Not Part of the Bike.

Helmet - Once accessory that is legally required for bike riders in many jurisdictions is a high impact plastic safety helmet to protect the rider in the event of falls or collisions. The helmet should include shock absorbent cushions in the top and an adjustable chin strap. If you give a helmet with the bike try to find one that is color and theme coordinated to the bike.

You might also consider getting elbow pads and knee pads for the young rider to prevent scrapes and cuts in the event of falls.

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