Kids Bikes in Ashton

Beginning cyclists in Ashton can master the ride with help from bicycles that are designed for their budding skill level.

Reflex Kids
Reflex Kids' Phantom BMX Bike
Flite Kids
Flite Kids' Punisher Freestyle BMX Bike
Royal Baby Bmx Freestyle Kids Bike
Royal Baby Bmx Freestyle Kids Bike
Sonic Robotnic Boys Junior Bike
Sonic Robotnic Boys Junior Bike
Reflex Girl
Reflex Girl's Fairy Tale Bike

Great learning bikes for children

With large tires and an angled fork for stability, the balance bike is an excellent first step to riding in Ashton. Encourage the early development of some motor skills such as balance, movement, and direction with balance bikes and see your little one take off in a breeze. As children grow, watch them cruise around the driveway with self-confidence in a training wheel bicycle designed with broader tires for a firmer feeling as they ride.

The older kids dominate the paths in beginner BMX, mountain bikes and hybrids designed with lightweight and strong frames which handle anything a ride has in store.

For younger children’s bike, look out for a comfortable double spring saddle which delivers sturdiness on the ride. The contoured foam seat helps relieve pressure for maximum comfort.

Select a bike for little girls or boys that match your child’s unique personality and skill level.

Selection of chirstmas present bikes for kids

Choose from our selection of kid’s mountain and hybrid bikes built for their size and ability level. Shop for vibrant colors and fun designs, and watch them as they have a blast during their cruise around the driveway.

Your child will get the hang of the biking movements such as steering and breaking with bikes featuring small training wheels that can be easily removed when they master the skill. Little kids learn coordination and confidence while practicing on balance bikes. The first-time bikes feature sturdy and wide wheels with high clearance for safe biking.

Range of BMX bikes for kids

Older kids prefer cruiser and BMX bikes and more. Shop for our kids' bicycles with the wheel sizes in different sizes such as 12-inch, 16-inch, 20-inch or 24-inch bikes. Our kids’ bikes are of great quality and from brands like YBike® and Diamondback®.

Choose from bicycles decorated in sporty blues, bright pinks with glitter or greens. Pick a bike with a safe bag so they can deposit small trinkets as they ride.

From our no-pedal balance bikes to our attachable bike trainers, our large collection of children’s bikes will have everything you require from the first ride. Filter through the thousands of our kids’ bikes by type, age, brand, price, and even more for the most suitable model for your youngster.

Best bike range for children

Great for younger children, the balance bikes help them to learn steering and balance. Without any gears, pedals, chains, or even training wheels, the balance bikes are made in both wood and metal.

Training bikes for kids

We also have a variety of training bicycles for children of all levels and ages when your kid is ready to leave behind the balance bikes and get a more mature one. From our classic tricycles to pink Barbie learning models with detachable training wheels to Azure youth mountain bikes, get the perfect fit for your youngster as they grow up. Also, keep them protected at all times with safety gear such as helmets and pads to mitigate the falls and trips which are bound to occur with any type of learning.