Men's Mountain Bikes

Our mountain bikes for men are one the most technologically advanced models available on the market, built with innovations that are not only limited to the high-end bikes but to all other bike types. Every model here is loaded with some of the most sophisticated features that will make any ride, on a trail, enjoying.

Muddyfox Mens Recoil26 Mountain Bike
Muddyfox Mens Recoil26 Mountain Bike
Raleigh Flyte II Men
Raleigh Flyte II Men's Rigid Mountain Bike
Sportsman Fly370 Mountain Bike
Sportsman Fly370 Mountain Bike
Richbit New 601 Mens Mountain Bike
Richbit New 601 Mens Mountain Bike
Muddyfox Mens Titan200 Mountain Bike
Muddyfox Mens Titan200 Mountain Bike

Best Off-Road Men's Mountain Bikes

Whether it is for off-road cycling or for a joy ride our men's mountain bikes, do not only come with features associated with the best bike types but also includes features built in to improve its functionality and durability (on any kind of terrain during off-road cycling whether it is a hilly one or a rough one). All our men's mountain bikes usually come with a suspension fork and a frame as well as durable heavy duty wheels, a more sophisticated braking system, larger knobby tires, and low gear levels to you when you are in steeper terrains.

Our male mountain bikes are efficient, durable and affordable. Our sole aim is to offer consumers the best bikes and also to ensure their safety when using our bikes. We build world class bikes, in different sizes, and colors so as to meet up with our customer demands. Our bikes are very comfortable and easy to use. Our sole aim when selling bikes is everyone's safety no matter what the bike is used for.

Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

If considered as just a bike for off-road cycling, our Stowabike 26" folding dual suspension bike stacks up very well against any terrain. With this bike, we offer bikers a cycling system that comes with a dual suspension and top quality components. Just as we have said above our folding dual suspension bike is built to be tough and durable so that it can withstand any form of cycling. It also looks great.

One thing that puts our bikes in a league of its own is innovative features and in this case, consider our Stowabike 26" bike's incredible folding frame feature. With this feature, you will be able to manage space (whether it is space people, storage space at home, space on public transport or space in the car). This bike will allow you make the best out of your off-road cycling even in very tight spaces.

Folding Dual Suspension

Our folding dual suspension male mountain bike gives bikers the satisfaction felt when you own both a folding bike and a mountain bike. Our folding mountain bike also comes in two different versions namely a mountain road version for off-road escapades and a city road version. It is also built with a KMC Z33 chain that has folded dimensions measuring about L 39″ x H 35″ x W 23.5″ and weighing about 36 lbs when assembled fully.

Its right shifter is a Microshift 6-speed grip shifter while its left shifter is a Microshift 3-speed grip shifter. Our dual bike's rear derailleur is a Shimano RD-TZ50 while it's front derailleur is a Saigun QD-23a. Our folding dual suspension men's mountain bikes are built in a way that ensures the safety of bikers.

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