Womens Road Bike

Do you need a gender specific bike to hit the open road? Our women’s road bikes from Amazon.com are affordable and will give you a smooth ride. Women and men have different anatomies, this means that it is highly likely for a men’s bike to feel very uncomfortable for a lady.

2015 Barracuda Corvus 2 Womens Road Bike
2015 Barracuda Corvus 2 Womens Road Bike
BRITISH EAGLE Women's Road Bike

Our women’s road bikes give you the comfort and ease of a gender specific bike, while still providing the rugged feel and durability of an outdoor road bike. Our women’s road bikes from amazon.com are built according to the anatomy of a woman. Ladies have shorter limbs and more narrow shoulders than men. This can make hitting the open road with a regular bike very uncomfortable for a lady. All our bikes from amazon are built for the frame of a woman specifically, and the handlebars are closer to the chest, making it easy and more comfortable to ride.

The best women’s road bikes

There are different road bikes for women that give the best possible riding experience. They include:

  • The Trek Silque SL: This extra-sophisticated bike still manages to give you a great performance while on the road. Trek bikes cannot be judged by their appearance. Its stylish frame should not fool you, as it comes with all the ruggedness you will want in a road bike. Trek is one of the pioneers of women specific designs for bikes, which makes them experts in producing bikes that are geometrically perfect for females. The SL is particularly affordable, and gives you a very smooth ride. It also comes with IsoSpeed, which is patented by Trek, enabling every rider to have a smooth ride even on bumpy terrain.
  • The Mizani Swift 300: This women’s road bike comes in many scintillating colors. Don’t let the Mizani Swift fool you though. If you are looking for a bike that moves like the wind, this is the perfect bike for you. The Swift 300 is built for ladies that love the feeling of wind in their hair. Available in 47cm and a smaller 44cm, this bike is also built for maximum riding comfort.
  • The IronMan Wiki 300: This is another affordable road bike for women, and is also incredibly efficient. The Wiki 300 was built for maximum comfort. This means that you do not have to worry about the geometry of the bike. Everything about the IronMan Wiki 300 fits well into place and also gives you a smooth ride when you hit the road.
  • The British Eagle: The Women’s Elise Road bike is also a great bike if you are an advanced rider. It comes with multiple gears for increased speed and gives you the comfort you will require out on the road.

Our range of women’s road bikes brings you rugged and exciting choices. Get access to the most amazing bike brands. You can finally hit the road in the comfort and style that you have always wanted. Each of these brands will give you an amazing feeling when you hit the road, and they are also incredibly durable. Try out one of our women’s road bikes today!