Women Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes aren't your typical two-wheeled pedal vehicles. These are for those who need to raise their endurance or savor the best thing about nature trails, or even to professionally compete. There are some women who appreciate all the above and more! With all the variants between brands among mountain bikes, choosing one may seem to be a perplexing job.

Women want bikes that have shorter cranks and top tubes for comfortable pedaling, and narrower handlebars. Now, mountain bikes are customized to match the unique needs of a woman’s body measurements. Here are some of our top selections

Muddyfox Womens Recoil26 Mountain Bike
Muddyfox Womens Recoil26 Mountain Bike
Raleigh Women
Raleigh Women's Activ Flyte II Rigid Mountain Bike
Raleigh Spectrum Women
Raleigh Spectrum Women's Mountain Bike
Flite Women
Flite Women's Taser II Dual Suspension Mountain Bike
Activ Women
Activ Women's Monte Mountain Bike

Schwinn Women's Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Timber mountain bike, for instance, has a release bike seat for a shorter height making it comfortable for the ladies; from between 5’0” to 5’6”. Women that are taller with around 5’10” and over may need other options as Schwinn has a variety of other mountain bikes constructed for body specific heights. Schwinn mountain bikes usually come in two cartons, the outer carton functions as protection and the seats are hard, but have cushions that can be bought. As an extra incentive, a kid’s bicycle trailer can be attached.

Diamondback Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Bike is appropriate for use on light trails and bike routes, perhaps even for occasional use on gravel roads. This bike isn't recommended for continuous off-road use, particularly for heavier riders. Some Diamondback bikes come in a gray, hardtail version. The bikes are most times reported as being overly complicated for people who don't have experience setting up bikes, but all in all, it is a great brand for women's mountain bikes.

Kawasaki Mountain Bike

Don't be misled by the Kawasaki name. This isn't a BMX; don't anticipate that this to the bike equivalent of what you'd see at the X Games. The Kawasaki K26G Hardtail Mountain bike, for example, is made of a 26 inch wheel to be used for recreational purposes like on light trails. The Kawasaki K26G is a hardtail bike with character! It has front suspensions, steel frames, twist shifters, Shimano rear derailleurs, alloy rims, and quick release seats.

The Kawasaki K26G Women's mountain bike is for women who are not looking for full suspension mountain bikes. It is loaded with great bike features like Shimano shifters, linear pull brakes, shock absorbers and comfortable MTB saddle. Great for women with shorter torsos and longer legs.

Kawasaki women's mountain bikes are built to offer shorter top tubes and several bike features especially for women that will also offer more stand-over clearance.

Check out our collection from Amazon. We have selected the best women’s mountain bikes that take the guess work out of choosing a mountain bike, and that are also easy and comfy to ride.

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